Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy: Domestic flights cancelled within 4 (four) days of the scheduled departure are subject to a cancellation charge of up to 100% of quoted price.        .

All International flights and Peak Travel Days upon signing of quote or agreement via email are subject to a cancellation charge of 100% of quoted price.

Apollo Jets is an ARGUS Certified Charter Broker which is a globally recognized rating that assures our customers and charter operators that we meet or exceed the standard for industry best practices for charter brokers.  A critically important part of this standard is the vetting of charter operators to ensure that they meet our standards for operational and service excellence. ARGUS provides the industry’s most respected and largest due diligence program for performing research on commercial aircraft operators.  Apollo Jets subscribes to the ARGUS Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ) system and prefers ARGUS Platinum rated charter operators above all others.  Additionally, Apollo Jets requires our trip consultants to run an ARGUS TripCHEQ on each and every flight performed by an ARGUS rated operator.  The TripCHEQ ensures that certain requirements are being met, including the actual ARGUS rating, pilot qualifications and experience, and verifies that the aircraft being flown is actually affiliated with a particular charter operator.

Apollo Jets LLC (the Air Charter Broker) acting as an “Authorized Agent” for the Charterer (client) shall; maintain non-owned aircraft liability insurance in an amount not less than $100 million, contract for transportation services with only FAR Part 135 Direct Air Carriers or their foreign Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) equivalent that operate and exercise full operational control over those flights at all times. Flights can be sourced through Apollo jets Preferred Direct Air Carriers that meet all FAA or CAA safety standards and additional safety standards established by Apollo jets. Apollo jets is an ARGUS Certified Broker. Direct Air Carriers are solely responsible for the air transportation for Apollo Jets’ customers.  Apollo Jets does not own or operate the aircraft on which our customers fly.  Apollo Jets is not a direct or indirect air carrier. This message and any attachments are solely for the intended recipient and may contain confidential or privileged information.  If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, use, or distribution of the information included in this message and any attachments is prohibited.  If you have received this communication in error, please notify us by reply e-mail and immediately and permanently delete this message and any attachments.

Apollo Jets LLC is an Air Charter Broker and not a direct air carrier or direct foreign air carrier. All air service shall be provided by a properly licensed direct air carrier or direct foreign air carrier.

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